Latest series of oil paintings about life.


Series in progress (2018)

oil and acrylic on canvas

40×40 cm and 100×40 cm


Pieces touch on the subject of complexity of life in the modern world. Voosquaer is the feeling of being torn between pursuance of complex technology, highly interesting, complicated social interactions and desire of returning to simplicity of nature, and peacefulness of childhood.


Series of 5 (2018)

ink on canvas 40×40 cm

Discovering forms hidden in the ink, under the nib and over the canvas is not always easy. They fight to keep their real shapes invisible, untouched, unnamed.

Do not let them. Rip them out of their safety of empty canvas.

Tome of Videopainting

Masters Diploma (2016)

Book of oil and acrylic paintings on wooden panels with video projection of lightmapped clips.  Composed of 8 pictures (145x100cm), presented with narrative from the author.

Artwork is a dispute on tourism and traveling – 8 movie clips projected on cards touch the topics of rush, being lost, overcrowding, and inability to escape technology.

This work was recognized with honourary award by commision of polish academies of art on festival of best polish diplomas of 2016 in Gdańsk.

Older paintings

(Pre 2016)


Photography Series: Unsymmetry

Sculpture: Bouquet

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Having complicated life is not enough. On top of  pursuing IT career and moving to London I want to create art and show it to the world. Now. No task is too hard, no story too good to be better. Hand me a stick dipped in red, and lets stir the world up.

My art revolves around compositions of intense temperament, shared properties of yellow and purple: switching polarity between cold and warm; tensions between thick and thin; strong aggresive gestures and flat calm planes.

I extract my inspiration from highly synthesized electronic music: glitch, trap, idm and other experimental genres. Creating energy and acting upon it is my fundamental message: go after what you desire, start now, fail often, fail early, and get better, persevere and world will reward your hard work. 



Got my Masters Degree in 2016 from Strzeminski’s Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź (that’s in Poland). My masters artwork “Tome of Videopainting” was recognized with highest note from the academy professors, and nominated for Best Polish Art Diplomas 2016, where jury of rectors from top polish academies of art presented me with honourary award.